Finding the Right Chemistry,
Scott Mitchell never imagined architecture as a career, but here he is 20 years later with a book full of his stunning modernist designs.

Scott Mitchell is a known master of minimalism—as this book attests.

The Plan

Scott Mitchell Houses, the first volume, published in over 30 countries, which collects some of the most iconic projects by Scott Mitchell, architect and designer.


Architecture and humanism, a reputation established through Scott Mitchell's talent at finding balance between nature, material and space.

Design OC

Scott Mitchell Houses reflects Mitchell’s warm modernist aesthetic through eight projects around the world.

Artist Ross Bleckner and Architect Scott Mitchell on the Intersection of Their Practices

Tired of your own space? Take a peek into these gorgeous homes and landscapes.

Mitchell’s work effortlessly balances airy, geometric, contemporary architecture and comforting, subtle luxury.

A closer look at the form-follows-function aesthetic of Scott Mitchell’s SoCal houses

Scott Mitchell: The Architectural Designer Looks Back for Book Release

Elegant studies of space, materiality and light through stunning photographic spreads.

“You can bet Scott Mitchell’s highly anticipated first volume is already in my cart in anticipation of its May release.”

With geometric hallways and seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, the sleek homes can be easily mistaken for works of art themselves.

“I am most happy with the way that the book conveys, through the voices of contributors and friends, the emotional impact of what I aspire to create in my work.”

Luxe Interiors + Design

Bridging The Natural And Built Environments Is An Art Form

Scott Mitchell Houses features never-before- seen glimpses into eight of the architect’s most stunning projects.

Scott Mitchell-designed Bel Air dream home may make Los Angeles real estate hunters cringe with envy.

Designing the look of Nocturnal Animals was really three jobs in one.

How ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Gave Los Angeles the Hollywood Treatment

Scott Mitchell devises a strikingly streamlined oceanside showplace.


“Scott Mitchell’s architecture: Tom Ford’s idea of domestic perfection.”

The High Style Sets of Tom Ford’s
Nocturnal Animals

“Natural materials, honestly expressed, are really all you need.”

“The potential of architecture can be measured in its ability to transcend us.”

Scott Mitchell makes his mark with a unique blend of contemporary zen modernism

Haute Living

Architect Scott Mitchell is a man who’s always on the move.

A Modern Malibu Abode

California Home+Design

Inspirations From Some of The LCDQ LEGENDS 2015 Display Designers

The Plan

Mass And Transparency In A Pacific Coast House

Architectural Record

Shadowhill Residence, a renovation
of a mid-century modern house

Good Homes India

“Concrete monoliths and delicate steel and glass drives an emotional experience.”

C+T Magazine

A Canvas of Contrasts,
Scott Mitchell's Malibu

“The entry, which used to be so dark, is now flooded with light.”

Hospitality Design

“As in a traditional Japanese building, the openings frame the landscape—here, the infinite expanse of sand, sea, and sky”